Troy Emenecker, Guest writer

Troy Emenecker is a freelance writer for Converge. He attends a Converge church in Mesa, Arizona.


Authentic ministry in a virtual world

How one church is reaching a new audience in the Metaverse.

May 2022 // Read >

Leveling up

A church develops video game to introduce kids to the gospel.

May 2022 // Read >

Front Yard Mission: Helping people love their neighbors

Converge church helping put “neighbor” back in local neighborhoods with hyper-local missions emphasis.

September 2021 // Read >

We can see your heart

In a Middle Eastern nation many are trying to escape, but one man is staying to impact lives.

May 2021 // Read >

Hope dealers

Illinois couple plants a church during the worst possible time.

September 2020 // Read >

Let your chill be evident

How you can find peace in times of fear.

May 2020 // Read >

Two tales of one amazing love

Through an Illinois church plant and its visionary pastor, a family reeling from tragedy finds Christ.

January 2020 // Read >

Living and loving like Jesus

When California was stunned last fall by tragedy after tragedy, Converge churches showed Christ’s love.

May 2019 // Read >

An act of God

A cop on both sides of the law, addicted to drugs and suffering from PTSD, gets clean in more ways than one.

January 2019 // Read >

Still walking with God

A Canyon State Academy student is overcoming spiritual challenges – with help from his sponsors from a local church.

May 2018 // Read >

The roar of a family

Canyon State Academy football games used to be played in near silence – until members of a local church built life-changing relationships with the players.

May 2018 // Read >