Missions opportunities
Sweden, Finland and Latvia
Pioneer gospel work in Sweden, Finland or Latvia as a long-term Global Worker with Converge. Pursue God’s calling in your life as a missionary to the least-reached. Throughout the Nordic-Baltic, workers are needed to spur and ignite gospel ministry. Our mission is to advance the development of transformational leaders and gospel movements throughout the region alongside national partners. All types of ministry and professional experience are wanted and needed, but we specifically have need of leaders who are willing to pioneer into new territory and help us develop a foundational team.
Hui: Missions Residency (1-2 years)
Grab the precious opportunity to interact with young lives and impact them as an English language teacher in Hui Chinese-Muslim communities. Get close to Hui students to learn their culture and beliefs. Experience many opportunities outside the classroom to connect with them over coffee, tea, sports and other fun hobbies. We need your expertise and experience!
Thailand: Church-Based Trips (1-2 weeks)
Prayer teams are welcome to come almost any time of the year. While not “front line” positions, prayer teams are vital for supporting local ministry. There are many key events throughout the year when prayer teams are especially useful.
Deployment options
We are asking God for a gospel movement among every least-reached people group in our generation. One important way we do this is by equipping missionary servant leaders, like you, to create movements that impact individuals, communities and regions. All four of these mission opportunities serve alongside Converge missionaries.
Opportunity trips image
Field time: 1-2 weeks
Age & Requirements:
Organized groups of high school, college & other adults
Opportunity residency length
Field time: 1-2 years
Age: 18+
Requirements: Application, Assessment, training & raising support
Field time: 6-10 weeks
Age: 18+
Requirements: Application, training & raising support
Opportunity long term image
Field time: 4+ years
Age: 18+
Requirements: Application, Assessment, training & raising support

Converge has proven to be a faithful partner for us in the cause of Christ among the peoples of the world. This partnership has not only changed the world, but changed us.

Gregg Heinsch, Celebration Community Church, Celebration, Florida

Fulfill your calling in missions
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