Building a culture of evangelism and discipleship

Join a two-year church culture-change process.



Converge president John K. Jenkins Sr. has made it his signature priority to invest in helping churches across our movement develop a culture of evangelism and discipleship.

Equipping pastors for culture change

Converge has begun a multi-year process to train and equip lead pastors to engage in church culture change. Church Evangelism Institute has a proven track record of success in helping churches grow in conversion and evangelism. They have worked with approximately 600 churches, including almost 125 African American churches.

Engage in a cohort: commitment & cost

Throughout a comprehensive two-year program designed to shift the culture within your church, you will participate in monthly meetings with fellow Converge pastors. This equates to nine meetings annually, comprising eight 2-hour sessions conducted via Zoom and one face-to-face gathering each year. This process is designed to enhance your personal witness and guide your congregation toward adopting evangelism as a natural and intentional aspect of every church ministry.

The Church Evangelism Institute (CEI) is provided a grant that significantly reduces the cost for this cohort to $1,800 per church per year ($150 per month). Additionally, scholarships are available that can further lower your annual cost to $1,200 if needed.

We will launch cohorts in the fall of 2024, winter of 2025, and fall of 2025. Space is limited, so prayerfully make the choice and plan to engage. You won’t regret it.

We pray that this initiative will mobilize pastors and churches toward greater gospel impact, where every disciple of Christ is equipped and mobilized to make new disciples.





“Pastors, this is why you do what you do: pray, equip God’s people, and prayerfully send them into the world as Jesus sent us in John 17. ”

– Pastor Jason Taylor (Vertical Church Yuma, AZ)

Cohorts Launching

New Converge Cohorts with the Church Evangelism Institute launch this fall. We invite you to join one of our two "Cohort Taster" online events on July 9 and July 25, 2024 to determine if this will be a good fit for you and your church.

What is a "Cohort Taster"? 

A one-hour online event for Senior and Lead pastors that will help you begin your church's evangelistic journey. Your role as a leader is crucial in this journey, and we believe in your ability to make a significant impact. Together, we are catalyzing a movement of evangelism and discipleship through local churches.


What is the Church Evangelism Institute?

Wheaton College Billy Graham Center created the Church Evangelism Institute to help catalyze a movement of evangelism and discipleship through local churches.

Over the next few years, we aim to lead a culture-change process in over 250 Converge congregations.

Converge has already trained over 30 potential coaches. We now have up to 15 from across the country ready to engage with you beginning in the fall of 2024, with more launching in the winter and fall of 2025. Now is the time to begin a two-year church culture-change process.

If you are interested but have questions, please contact Jonathan Dahl via e-mail or text at 612 505 7510.



Jonathan Dahl

Director of Evangelism and Discipleship


Whether striving forward or struggling, every church needs a partner to come in and look ‘under the hood’ of their ministry. Converge helped us be better in every area to effectively bring the good news to all people.

Bill Berg, New Hope Community Church, Cambridge & Isanti, Minnesota