Converge Retirement Plan

A comprehensive plan that provides lifetime income, so you can retire when you’re ready

We care for church staff and want them to have peace of mind and financial security in retirement. Since 1967, the Converge Retirement Plan has helped Converge pastors, church staff and commissioned missionaries plan for their future and build added financial security for retirement. Unlike other plans, participants enjoy the benefit of lifetime income through a pension, continued housing allowance (even in retirement) and a defined contribution (similar to a 401(k) plan) to build additional savings.

About the plan

The Converge Retirement Plan offers three great ways to plan your future.

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Get started

Don't get surprised at retirement—whether it's around the corner, or decades down the road. Whatever your situation, it's not too late to start saving.





Uniquely designed to serve the retirement needs of Converge pastors and church staff.

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I encourage every church to make such provisions for their pastors.

John Piper, Founder and Leader of Desiring God