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Inspirational stories and news of God's work throughout the Converge movement


Meet President Jenkins, the leader shaping Converge’s future

Converge board chair shares qualities that make Pastor Jenkins the man to lead Converge, while Pastor Jenkins shares his vision for the future.

Jun 5 2024

5 myths of men and women leading together

A Converge pastor helps debunk myths so that we can thrive in God-given relationships and lead together.

Aug 19 2022

Bethel Seminary: Partnering with Converge to develop leaders

Bethel Seminary partners with Converge to recruit, develop and send out spiritually alive, biblically grounded, 21st-century leaders. Bethel's residency program helps prepare those leaders.

Sep 24 2020

Cowards & killers

Based on whether or not they reopen their church building, pastors are being divided into two camps by their members: cowards and killers.

Sep 17 2020

4 questions leaders must ask before reopening the church

Before making the decision to reopen your church building, ask these four biblical questions.

Jun 5 2020