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Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. has spent decades making an impact within the Converge community. A highly regarded ministry leader who serves as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Glenarden, he has held multiple roles within the movement. In 2022, he became president of Converge, which includes more than 1600 churches nationwide and in the Caribbean and South America, plus global workers helping to plant churches and build gospel movements worldwide. 

As the Converge president, Pastor Jenkins brings a wealth of experience, a heart full of compassion and an inspiring vision. This series of videos featuring Converge Board of Overseers Chairman Pastor Darryn Scheske and Pastor Jenkins will help you get to know the kind of man and leader Pastor Jenkins is and give you a sense of his dedication to building spiritual growth and unity.

In these clips, you can see firsthand how Pastor Jenkins connects with people on a personal level, his strategic thinking and his genuine desire to uplift and empower others. His passion for building solid, faith-driven connections and his forward-looking vision make him a perfect fit for leading Converge. Whether you're part of the Converge family or just curious about its leadership, understanding Pastor Jenkins is essential to appreciating the bright future he’s shaping for all members.

Who is Pastor Jenkins?

Pastor Scheske was thrilled to share some of the qualities that make Pastor Jenkins a trustworthy man and leader.


A beloved leader across ministry circles nationwide, Pastor Jenkins is known for his deep compassion and genuine connection with others who brings a wealth of experience and a heart full of dedication to his role. For pastors and ministry leaders, Pastor Jenkins is more than just a leader; he's a mentor and a friend who helps them understand how to guide their people on their spiritual journey and encourage everyone to grow in their faith. His leadership style, rooted in empathy and collaboration, perfectly embodies the spirit of Converge.


Why is Pastor Jenkins the right leader for Converge?

Pastor Jenkins was a huge reason Pastor Scheske wanted to join Converge in the first place. In this video, Pastor Scheske shares a small part of his story. It’s a story of Pastor Jenkins’ unique blend of experience and vision that makes him a true leader. Known for working with everyone and ensuring everyone feels valued and heard, Pastor Jenkins’ passion for discipleship, strategic thinking and connecting with people aligns perfectly with what Converge stands for. Having him at the helm means looking forward to a future filled with growth, unity and deeper spiritual connections in and out of Converge.


Our accomplishments


The past two years of Pastor Jenkins' presidency have been filled with accomplishments, and he shares a few of them in this video. Some of those accomplishments fall on the administrative side, with Converge ministry reorganization serving as a springboard to growth and impact. Others include a greater emphasis on helping church leaders develop an atmosphere that leads to many more people coming to know Jesus. Pastor Jenkins’ excitement for building strong, faith-driven connections is infectious as he helps others grow spiritually and creates a sense of unity within Converge. 


The vision ahead


So, what comes next for Converge? Pastor Jenkins isn't just thinking about today; he's looking down the road and planning for a thriving, connected community of churches, leaders and global workers who help people become equipped and empowered to share the most important news in the world: the loving, never-ending gospel of Jesus Christ. Exciting times lie ahead, filled with opportunities to grow together and make a real impact in our communities. 

Converge’s Board of Overseers unanimously nominated Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. to serve a new six-year term as Converge president, beginning in June 2024. To learn more about Pastor Jenkins, watch the entire YouTube playlist, which features more short videos like these and will take only a few minutes to watch. 

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