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Church strengthening

Humble Clarity

Let’s be honest, pastors are surrounded by expectations, many of which are unreasonable or overwhelming. Knowing what you must say yes to, gives you freedom to say no to anything God has not called you to do.

Sep 21 2023

Pastoral Transitions: Benefits of Investing in an Interim Pastor vs a Weekend Preacher

There are many benefits that come with investing in an Interim Pastor vs a Weekend Preacher. Interim Pastors are able to invest the time and energy to evaluate and grow the church during this transitional time.

Sep 6 2023

Prayer gatherings level the ground between small churches and big churches

A small church’s humility fuels a prayer movement alongside some of the biggest churches in Arizona.

Aug 22 2023

Transitions and the multigenerational reflection of God’s image

Transitions are made and batons are passed in ceremonial ways at nearly every life stage

Jun 9 2023

Converge helps make stronger churches in the United States, Ukraine and everywhere

Teamwork is the key to success as Converge’s commitment to forming vibrant groups of believers extends globally.

Apr 25 2023