Stories of impact

Inspirational stories and news of God's work throughout the Converge movement

Church strengthening

Converge MidAtlantic leader helps churches find their vision

Churches young, old, stuck or strong find Vision Day a transformative experience.

Jun 4 2024

Faith and commerce merge as church becomes anchor tenant in shopping center

Businessman’s prayers lead to increased gospel opportunity, new home for congregation.

Nov 21 2023

Pastors’ hunger overcomes hardships in Haiti

400 pastors who serve 100,000 believers in Haiti find strength at Converge conference.

Nov 14 2023

Prayer gatherings level the ground between small churches and big churches

A small church’s humility fuels a prayer movement alongside some of the biggest churches in Arizona.

Aug 22 2023

Converge helps make stronger churches in the United States, Ukraine and everywhere

Teamwork is the key to success as Converge’s commitment to forming vibrant groups of believers extends globally.

Apr 25 2023