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  • Diversity

A call for lamenting

After another senseless loss of life, may God grant us the courage to speak up, the compassion to pray and the concern to mourn and hope for better days.

Oct 14 2019

  • Diversity

Cuatro razones para convertirse en una iglesia bíblicamente diversa

Para que el evangelio tenga un impacto en una sociedad diversa, debemos comprender cuán importante e imperativo es convertirse en una iglesia bíblicamente diversa.

Jun 25 2019

  • Diversity

Four reasons to become a biblically diverse church

For the gospel to have an impact in a diverse society, we must understand how important and imperative it is to become a biblically diverse church.

Jun 25 2019

  • Diversity

The ABCs of biblical diversity

When the church assesses, believes and changes, it moves from where it is to where God intended it to be as a vehicle of salvation for the world.

May 15 2019

  • Diversity

El ABC de la diversidad bíblica

Solo un rápido recordatorio: ¡la diversidad bíblica es idea de Dios!

May 15 2019


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Who is Converge?

Dec 13 2019

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What are you praying for?

Dec 4 2019