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Inspirational stories and news of God's work throughout the Converge movement


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Cameroon churches unite to celebrate prisoners’ baptisms

A young man in Cameroon decides to follow Jesus and then shares his faith with local prisoners.

Jul 2 2019

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It’s our turn to fulfill the Great Commission

Nearly every two seconds, someone dies, doomed to spend an eternity separated from God, not because they rejected Jesus — but because no one ever told them who he is.

May 31 2019

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Unjust jailing leads to gospel proclamation

A Converge missionary’s addiction recovery program in Argentina helps four men find Jesus. What God did after they were arrested rendered our missionary speechless.

May 23 2019

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The power of saying ‘yes’ to God

What’s the difference between sharing the gospel 28,609 times and sharing it zero times? It may surprise you to learn that it’s just one person saying “yes” to God.

Feb 27 2019

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God is transforming Muslims’ lives in the Mediterranean

A reconciliation only made possible through the amazing grace of God and the blood of Jesus. A family transformed by the power of the gospel. These are just two examples of the amazing things God is doing through Converge’s Great Sea Initiative, which is starting and strengthening churches among the 300 million Muslims living in the Mediterranean Region.

Jan 4 2019