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It’s amazing what God can do is amazing when you click on a link — especially one that seems a little questionable. 


Joey Staton stumbled across the random link for jobs in England while looking for internships in Arkansas — but clicked on the link anyway. 


“I saw this ad about working in England and working in a church over here,” the Arkansas native said. “I thought that sounded crazy and interesting.” 


Going from Internet searcher to inspired servant 


That link led her to the Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training, or AT3. So, she applied to be an AT3 apprentice in youth ministry. She was accepted and began to help at The Worthing Tabernacle in September 2022. 


Worthing is a suburban community of families and retirees on the coast in southern England. Staton’s been serving about 15 teenagers and their families who live in one of the world’s least-reached nations. 


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“It’s not very easy for them to get a word in about their faith with the people they’re around day to day,” Staton said. “It’s important for them to have community with one another so that life outside of church is not so difficult and they can be an example to peers. 


Converge International Ministries partners with AT3 in asking God for a gospel movement in England within this generation. AT3 places American believers within British ministry teams that are experienced in serving in post-Christian contexts. 


“People aren’t interested, seemingly, in Christianity,” Staton explained. “It’s getting harder and harder for [teens] to stay Christians the older they get within the culture.” 


But nothing is too difficult for God


Will Lowery, AT3’s manager of coaching, has connected numerous times with Staton as she serves in Worthing. He said she has grown in the last two years and has helped build the kingdom in Worthing. 


“She has been able to build deep relationships that point people to Jesus,” Lowery said. 


Staton herself has seen God at work in Worthing’s teenagers. As she’s served them, they’ve continued in the faith and been equipped to follow God in a least-reached nation. 


Teens at the church help with slides in worship, play instruments or sing, make tea and coffee and work in children’s ministry. The older teens also plan social events or lead games for younger youth. 


“They’ve kind of taken it by storm,” Staton said of their ideas and efforts. “Seeing them grow in their church leadership skills has been really exciting. Teenagers can accomplish so much.” 


Converge is asking God for a gospel movement among every least-reached people group – in our generation. Learn how we are playing a role in accomplishing the Great Commission and how you can be involved.

Ben Greene, Pastor & writer

Ben Greene is a freelance writer and pastor currently living in Massachusetts. Along with his ministry experience, he has served as a full-time writer for the Associated Press and in the newspaper industry.

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