How to start a prayer network

How to start a prayer network to mobilize prayer for the nations:

  1. Pray
  2. Ask a small group of people who are faithful to pray and whom you already know to join you.
  3. Ask the workers from the field to approach people they know to join you.
  4. Ask pastors who support the work to approach people they know to join you.
  5. Establish a regular meeting time, in person or by Zoom. We recommend not less than once per month.
  6. We recommend regular (weekly) updates between meetings.
  7. Keep track of answers and not just requests – and celebrate the answers!
  8. Host virtual prayer walks a couple of times per year or when special needs arise.

How to conduct a virtual prayer walk:

  1. First, establish a prayer network – even if small.
  2. Pray for the Spirit to confirm that it is time to do this. This is very helpful with a new ministry or a new prayer network or in times of intense warfare.
  3. Identify five to ten locations that can be visited (ideally in person or use images as backup) that represent either strongholds or opportunities.
  4. Select one faithful, seasoned person to pray for each location who will be ready to pray Scripture into that need.
  5. Recruit aggressively to join the Zoom call by letting everyone know they will not be called on to pray aloud but to agree in prayer. Present this not only as an opportunity to support the workers and make a spiritual impact but to grow in one’s own prayer life.
  6. Have a core team fasting and praying in advance.
  7. Have a tech-savvy person run the call so there are no technical distractions. (Give them host privileges to mute, etc.)
  8. Only send the Zoom invitation to vetted people and do not allow it to be reshared for security purposes.
  9. Decide in advance with your missionary partners whether or not the call may be recorded.

One other way to mobilize people to pray:

Consider using a monthly prayer calendar approach by praying for one person each day, and then later asking them to do the same.



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