Regional Impact Teams

One thing we have learned over the past few years is globalization is going to look different moving forward. Politics and misconceptions are making the task of sending Western missionaries to foreign lands more difficult than ever. So, even while Converge global worker numbers are close to an all-time high, we also partner with indigenous people in nations around the world who can do the work of making disciples.

What Regional Impact Teams do
Converge Regional Impact Teams primarily focus on parts of the world where we do not have full-time global workers present. Regional Impact Teams’ work varies depending on their location and the needs of the people there. A few examples:

  • In a country where there are no Converge global workers, a Regional Impact Team can come alongside other ministry leaders there to help them ― and to learn from them.
  • Partnering with Converge initiative leaders in different parts of the world who have met a national who is doing a different kind of ministry than what the initiative leader does. At the initiative leader’s request, a Regional Impact Team member can contact the national ministry leader to help build the relationship between that person and Converge.
  • In a location where a Converge global worker once served but is no longer in that location, the Regional Impact Team can come alongside national ministry leaders and continue to build on the relationship and ministries built by the previous global worker.

Converge Regional Impact Teams help with creating disciple making movements and curriculum. Along with providing materials, they also partner with and coach indigineous ministry leaders who are reaching their people and neighboring people groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want indigineous ministries to continue to be indigineous. Our goal is to serve and equip them.

Where do Regional Impact Teams serve?
Converge Regional Impact Teams serve the following global regions:

How your church can be involved
If you are aware of a locally-led ministry among a least-reached people group that we might connect with, let us know. If you're a pastor or another ministry leader who is interested in coaching a pastor, church planter or ministry leader in another land, we want to hear from you.

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