International Ministries

Converge’s International Ministries team works to help your church develop effective missions strategies and opportunities to reach people with the gospel in key areas of the world. We are passionate about helping your church’s missions ministry become more effective and make a greater kingdom impact worldwide as your people develop a heart for missions.

Our team also works closely with over 170 strategically-placed missionaries in countries around the world as they lead the lost to Christ by starting church planting movements and developing national leaders, as well as many more who are currently going through our highly-respected missionary assessment and deployment process.

Ivan Veldhuizen

Vice President of International Ministries

Global & International Leaders
  • Dan Nelson
    International Leader (Latin America)
  • David Jahnke
    International Leader (Asia)
  • Carl Lahr
    Director: Global Leadership
  • Jim Black
    International Leader (Africa)
  • Dennis McMains
    International Leader (Europe & Mediterranean)
  • John Nargan
    International Leader (North America)

U.S. Engagement Team
  • Kevin McGhee
    Director of U.S. Ministries
  • Neil Moyer
    Church Mobilization Associate
  • Jerry Schommer
    Director of Church Planting Partnerships
  • Chuck Lewis
    Consortia Catalyst
  • Anna Barnett
    Church Mobilization Associate
  • Candace Fish
    Church Mobilization Associate
  • Jimmy Smith
    Church Mobilization Specialist
  • Rachel Faruque
    Director of Ministry Advancement

Mobilization & Training
  • Robyn Alston
    Admin Assistant to the Director of Mobilization
  • Ann McGhee
    Director of Training
  • Tania Martin
    Director of Mobilization
  • John Wright
    Coaching Catalyst and MD&A Director
  • Jeffrey Lowery
    Mobilization Mentor
  • John & Lori De Cleene
    Monthly Deployment Advisors

Missionary Care
  • Mary Larson
    Member Care
  • Joey & Carol Mimbs
    Member Care
  • Mike & Murf Gaston
    Director of Member Care
  • Steve & Debra Rowe
    Member Care

Specialist Team
  • John Baxter
    Director of Diaspora Initiatives
  • Don & Angie Finley
    Ministry Specialist: Cross-Cultural Ed.
  • Missy
    Deaf Ministry Specialist
  • Larry Caldwell
    Senior Missiologist
  • Rebecca Diley Triplett
    Deaf Ministry Catalyst
  • Tom Castor
    Ministry Specialist: Resource Support

  • Kimberly Skundrich
    Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of International Ministries

Our partnership with Converge has been a huge blessing as pastors network together, share best practices and support one another through prayer and encouragement.

Michael Henderson, New Beginnings Community Church, Matthews, NC