National Ministries

Converge’s National Ministries team exists to help you build healthy leaders, bring your people together to become the church God called you to be and multiply your church or start new churches to reach more people with God’s love.

Our National Ministries office provides coaching, training, networks and group cohorts and resources to help your church make a greater gospel impact. But Converge’s National Ministries office goes beyond investing in pastors and church staff. The Bridge Network is our national network of women reaching women for support and encouragement. We also commission and support chaplains who serve in various capacities in the United States and abroad.

Dr. Michael Henderson Sr.

Executive Vice President of National Ministries 

  • Kelsey Saylor
    Administrative Assistant to Chaplaincy
  • Carleton Birch
    Director of Chaplaincy

Women's Bridge Network
  • Twanna Henderson
    National Director, Bridge Network, Women's Ministries

National Ministries & Church Strengthening
  • Dr. Bruce Hopler
    Vice President of Church Strengthening
  • Jonathan Dahl
    Director of Evangelism and Discipleship
  • London Davidson
    Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Church Strengthening
  • Tami Ward
    Administrative Assistant to the Executive Vice President of National Ministries

Our partnership with Converge has been a huge blessing as pastors network together, share best practices and support one another through prayer and encouragement.

Michael Henderson, New Beginnings Community Church, Matthews, NC