21 days of prayer

We invite you, your church leaders, pastors, staff and congregation to join us in 21 Days of Prayer.



It begins with prayer

Jesus commissioned us to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus (Matt. 28:18-20). Our power to be used by him to effect change in this world begins with prayer. That power is not our own, it comes from God. We accomplish nothing using our own wisdom and power. We must be completely dependent on God.

This February, Converge will embark on a movement-wide 21 Days of Prayer. Across the globe, Converge churches, congregations, leaders and missionaries will pray for God’s leading in our lives, our churches, our movement and our mission fields. As we fully submit to God in prayer together, he will display his person and his power in unprecedented ways to advance the gospel so more people can meet, know and follow Jesus.

We invite you, your church leaders, pastors, staff and congregation to join us this February in 21 Days of Prayer. Choose a guide to use with your congregation, we look forward to joining you in prayer.

How does it work?
Customize the 21 Days of Prayer experience to fit your church. In general, you’ll want to:

  • Select any consecutive 21 days in February to lead your church to develop a deeper relationship with God through prayer
  • Provide your people a link to the Converge prayer page, from which they can download the United in Prayer guide, Upside-Down Kingdom guide, Impactful Prayer guide, King's Agenda guide, 21 Dangerous Prayers guide or the 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting guide
  • Encourage them to spend time reading and praying through the guide every day during the 21-day period
  • Throughout the 21 days, emphasize prayer in your worship experiences and communications
  • Provide special prayer-focused opportunities for your congregation
  • Celebrate what God is doing in and through your church during the 21 days

Available prayer guides

Select one of these prayer guides for your church's 21 days of prayer.

United In Prayer

Upside-Down Kingdom

21 Days of Impactful Prayer


Converge 21 Days Prayer Fasting

Converge 21 Dangerous Prayers

Our partnership with Converge has been a huge blessing as pastors network together, share best practices and support one another through prayer and encouragement.

Michael Henderson, New Beginnings Community Church, Matthews, NC