21 Dangerous Prayers

We invite you, your church leaders, pastors, staff and congregation to pray dangerously this year.



Meeting with God in a dangerous and life-transforming manner

Can prayer be dangerous? Is prayer supposed to be dangerous?

Any encounter with a holy God can be dangerous – not in a life-threatening way, but in a way that can be life-altering and soul-shaping. All too often we pray safe prayers: God, bless me; God, help me; God, protect me; God, heal me; God, provide for me.

During 21 Days of Prayer, explore the dangerous prayers that have been prayed by God’s people for thousands of years. We trust God will meet you in a dangerous and life-transforming manner. We pray that you will not the same and that your family, neighborhood, workplace and church will be impacted because you personally have met with God.

We invite you, your church leaders, pastors, staff and congregation to join us this January in 21 Days of Prayer.

21 Dangerous Prayers guide
Prior to your church’s 21 Days of Prayer, provide your congregation with the 21 Dangerous Prayers guide. Each day’s prayer guide entry will lead the reader through Scripture and specific prayer opportunities.


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