21 Days of Prayer: United in Prayer

We invite you, your church leaders, pastors, staff and congregation to pray with us this year.



United in Prayer

Thank you for joining us in prayer over the next 21 days as we ask God to move in every area of Converge — Starting new churches, Strengthening existing churches and Sending global workers to the unreached people groups of the world. The theme of our time is United in Prayer — Praying Scripture Together. This theme has many layers of meaning.

First, if you have participated in 21 days of prayer events in prior years, you will notice this guide is different from the ones you used. Because we believe we are better together, many people from each major area of Converge have contributed content to fuel and lead our prayers for each other. Therefore, each section may have a little different “feel” to it, as we have asked people who are part of starting churches to provide input for those sections, and the same with church strengthening and sending missionaries to the nations. Our desire is that we honor each other by joining in prayer for the work that is going on across Converge around the world.

Second, because we want to grow in praying in unity together, we are asking that you challenge yourself to not just use this guide for your solitary quiet times, but that you get creative in praying together with others. You may want to pray with your family some days, with your small group at church on others and possibly reach out to pray over the phone or via Zoom on other days. But the goal is to pray together. We grow in prayer as we pray alongside those who are more mature in their faith than we are or pray in different styles than we do.

The third thing we want to do is pray according to Scripture and use Scripture in our prayers. The guide contains seven Scripture passages that focus on different areas of our faith. Each passage will be used to guide our prayer over three days as we pray for Start, Strengthen and Send. Each day will contain the guiding Scripture passage, a brief introduction, a short starter prayer, a list of prayer points suggested by the writer for that day and a way to close your prayer time. But we encourage you to focus on what the Scripture passage for the day is saying and let it guide your prayer. We desire to pray according to the Lord’s will. Using his Word is a great way to align our prayers with him.



21 Days of Prayer: United in Prayer: Praying the Scripture Together
Prior to your church’s 21 Days of Prayer, provide your congregation with the 21 Days of Prayer: United in Prayer: Praying the Scripture Together guide. Each day’s prayer guide entry will lead the reader through Scripture and specific prayer opportunities.


Digital (smartphone and app use only)


This year, we are challenging everyone to pray together, rather than in solitude. We also want to pray Scripture. We desire to pray according to the Lord’s will, using his Word to align our hearts with his. Why not invite others to join you by using our free social media image pack?

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Our partnership with Converge has been a huge blessing as pastors network together, share best practices and support one another through prayer and encouragement.

Michael Henderson, New Beginnings Community Church, Matthews, NC