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Islam is the dominant religion among the least-reached people groups. It accounts for 25% of the world, and cultures centered around Islam are some of the most hostile to the Gospel. But in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, at the center of the Islamic world, God is moving.

We are asking God for a gospel movement among every least reached people group in our generation. We send workers to the hard places, the places where sharing the Gospel openly is impossible, and where converting to Christianity means making yourself an enemy of your family.

In these contexts, God has frequently revealed himself to men and women through dreams.

Fadi’s story begins in the Quran. As a Muslim, he was discouraged from interpreting the scriptures on his own. Instead, he listened to the teaching of the imam, and trusted them to interpret for him.

But there was a man in the Quran, a prophet named Isa, the same man the Christians called the Christ. The more Fadi heard about Isa, the more confused he became. He brought his questions to the imam, and was turned away.

So he brought his questions to the internet. There, he saw the same conclusions he'd come to - the prophet Isa must be God.

Before going to bed one night, he asked God to reveal himself, show him the way he should go.

That night, he had a dream in which a man came knocking at his door. His wife came to him and said the visitor was there for him. He approached the door, and heard a voice asking him to open it. He opened it, and there stood Isa, shining with a bright light. He said to Fadi, 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.'

Upon waking, Fadi found those same words, spoken by Jesus in the Bible. Fadi committed his life to Christ. Unsure of where to turn next, he went online again and was put in contact with Pastor Nabil, a local pastor in the town neighboring his. At their first meeting, Fadi laid out the questions he'd been struggling with for so long, the same questions he'd asked the imam. Pastor Nabil patiently and clearly provided answers.

Fadi felt the burden of doubt, uncertainty, and fear fall away as he began to learn from Pastor Nabil and Converge global worker Matt. They met with him, baptized him, and discipled him.

Through their discipleship and the work of the Holy Spirit, he became gentle and patient with his wife, he became hungry for the Word, and he felt God leading him to speak about his new life with his friends.

The joy of finally finding the Truth bubbled out of him. He shared the good news with his wife, his kids, his neighbors.

His family attacked him, threatened him, cut him off, but his joy is unceasing.

Now, Fadi is still praying fervently and asking for your prayers for his wife and children to meet know and follow Jesus. He has recently led a new believer to faith in Christ and they are walking this journey of faith in the midst of persecution together.

How to get involved

You can be part of stories like this. In the Great Sea Initiative workers like Matt and partnering pastors like Nabil are discipling people who have no other context for living a Christian life.

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Heather Hanson, Media & Communications Specialists Europe & the Mediterranean

Heather Hanson is a Converge global worker, serving as a media and communications leader for the Europe & the Mediterranean Region.

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