14 candidates begin journey to become Converge missionaries

Michael Smith

Former Converge Content Specialist

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Missionary Discovery & Assessment

A diverse pool of 14 candidates, including people from Brazilian, Mexican and East Indian backgrounds, attended Converge’s Missionary Discovery & Assessment at our headquarters in Orlando, Florida, on November 17-20.

Formerly known as the Missionary Assessment Center, we recently renamed the assessment process because it is a time for candidates to discover more about God, themselves, others and their call to ministry. During the Missionary Discovery & Assessment, we evaluated the candidates for spiritual, emotional and relational health and suitability for serving cross-culturally worldwide.

Members of Converge’s Deaf Leadership Team went through all the assessments to understand the nuances of the assessment process to contextualize it for the Deaf culture. This team will engage the Deaf through U.S. church engagement and cross-cultural work worldwide.

  • Ten candidates received a go. They are ready to serve in cross-cultural ministry with minimal preparation.
  • Two candidates received a prepare. They need to engage in long-term preparations before serving cross-culturally.
  • Two candidates received a stay.

Our goal is to deploy more than 350 global workers over the next six years. Learn how you can play a part in reaching people across the street and around the world with the gospel.

Michael Smith, Former Converge Content Specialist

Michael Smith served as a content specialist for Converge from 2018-2021.

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