Grace Schmidt

United Kingdom
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Support Grace as she partners with AT3 in their apprenticeship program, learning and serving in a local church within the United Kingdom, while also acquiring a master's in Theology.

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I graduated college and knew God was calling me to do missions. I have loved going on mission trips throughout college and felt that God was leading me to embrace the ministry full time. The apprenticeship with AT3 helps me grow towards long-term missions and learn how to better disciple in cross-cultural contexts. I will be apprenticing within a local church in the United Kingdom, learning to spread the Gospel to people within a Post-Christian context. During the two-year duration in the United Kingdom, I will also be obtaining a master's in Theology in order to be further educated in ministry. These next two years will be an amazing journey that will help prepare me for a life of full-time ministry.

My ministry mission is to share the Gospel with people within the Post-Christian context. The mission is to share the Truth of God and grow the church body. My goal during the apprenticeship is to learn how to become that leader in the church, but also how to better share the good news. The mission and goal of the ministry are to invite people to have a relationship with God and shepherd them in that walk. I pray that God moves through the people of the United Kingdom and I get to be a part of it.

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