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Partner with me as we ask God for a gospel movement among the over 300 million Muslims living in the 21 nations around the Mediterranean Sea.

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I lead Converge's Great Sea Initiative. We are asking God for a gospel movement among the over 300 million Muslims living in the 21 nations around the Mediterranean Sea. People are moving in the tens of millions. Refugees from several countries are moving to neighboring countries in the Middle East and to Southern Europe. Millions continue to come from North Africa for economic reasons and most have never heard the message of salvation through faith alone. Muslims are coming to Christ and churches are being planted.

The Great Sea Initiative has regular media being produced and broadcasted worldwide. We partner with a collaboration of organizations to distribute hundreds of thousands of materials containing the gospel each year. We are regularly hearing of decisions for Christ, requests for follow-up conversations and more information about Jesus.

I have the great pleasure of serving our missionaries and giving leadership to our pursuit of gospel movements. Our missionaries are the greatest resource we have. I provide vision, equip for effective ministry and encourage through the journey that God has called each missionary to. My prayer is that our missionaries will share the gospel out of a heart that is constantly pursuing Christ and permeated by his grace.

My understanding of God's Word and the compelling love of God in my life led me to into full-time ministry. After serving in the local church and sharing Christ in my workplace for over a decade God rocked my world. My wife and I felt a call to serve overseas in missions. After that call on our lives I started to learn about unreached people. I did not know that around 2 billion people have never heard the gospel. I did not know that over 80 percent of Muslims have never met a follower of Jesus.

I believe that God's heart is broken over this and that my heart rightly breaks as I contemplate these realities. Because of these things we moved overseas to share the gospel, disciple new believers and plant churches among Muslim people. My heart has been completely captured by the need for God's people to go and share the gospel where Jesus is not being worshiped. And my life is dedicated to lifting up Jesus to Muslims.

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Great Sea Initiative leader // The area where the Gospel first started is now one of the most in need to hear.

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