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We started doing Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) weekly with a young Hui Chinese-Muslim man in his mid-30s. He is a self-proclaimed atheist; a cultural Hui who fasts during Ramadan (the Muslim fasting month) because it is expected of a Hui to do so.

Ma runs a halal restaurant, and we use the premises to open the Bible and read it there with him.

There have been many interesting discoveries for Ma as he opens God’s Word to read each time. Our hearts would leap within us as he shares his observations, responses, thoughts and questions. He is getting so close to a divine understanding as the Holy Spirit gently reveals deep spiritual truths to him.

When we began with the creation story in Genesis, he showed us how engaged he was when he asked, “Why did God use the pronoun ‘us’ when he said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (Genesis 1:26, ESV)? “Who are the others in ‘us’ and ‘our,’ he asked further. Needless to say, we were thrilled that he picked that up without us even pointing it out to him.

Another time, when we paused for reflections, Ma spontaneously shared, “Do you know what? When I leave this earth, I would most probably be stopped by the same angel who stopped Adam & Eve from entering Paradise (heaven) in Genesis 3:24 (ESV).

During our most recent study of the Word, when we read the account of the blood of unblemished lambs providing protection over the Israelite households (Exodus 12:1-28), he felt it is unfair that an animal should take the place of man’s sin. We thank God that we could start stringing together the thread of the need for a lamb sacrifice.

We need lots of prayer for Ma. He is searching for the meaning of life. Sadly though, the enemy is throwing multiple distractions across his path. He is newly married for two years and is a father of a 1- year-old son. When we read the account of how Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac, he was visibly upset with God — he said it was an unthinkable and unfair request to ask of anyone, much more of a father of his son.

Together, let us pray for Ma to have the needed breakthroughs so that he can enter our Lord Jesus’ kingdom of light. Please pray:

  • That Ma would be delivered from deep deception, unbelief and bondage;
  • That Ma would be given spiritual revelation and have a personal encounter with Jesus as Son of God;
  • That Ma would be ready to take the bold step of faith to receive Jesus as his Savior and Lord.

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Mao & Phoenix, Converge global workers

Mao and Phoenix are Converge global workers serving with the Hui Initiative.

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