Missionary candidates find out if they are ready to serve in cross-cultural ministry

Tania Martin

Director of Mobilization

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Converge welcomed 13 missionary candidates to its Missionary Discovery & Assessment in Orlando, Florida, October 18-21. This candidate group include people interested in our [IM]PACT Residency and in long-term service, both in the United States and abroad.

Group of people 

Missionary Discovery & Assessment is a Spirit-led time for candidates to discover more about God, themselves, others and their call to ministry. During the three-and-a-half days, Converge assessors evaluated the candidates for spiritual, emotional and relational health and suitability for serving cross-culturally worldwide.

  • 12 candidates received a “Go,” which means they are ready to serve in cross-cultural ministry with some recommended preparation.
  • One candidate received a “Stay.” This candidate was given some extensive next-steps and an open door to come back through the assessment process once the recommended actions were completed.

The group of candidates includes a woman who currently serves as U.S.-based Converge global worker in diaspora ministries but desires to serve with her husband overseas.

We are asking God for a gospel movement among every least reached people group ― in our generation. To see God accomplish this vision, we are preparing to deploy more than 350 global workers over the next five years.

Learn how you can play a part in reaching people across the street and around the world with the gospel.

Tania Martin, Director of Mobilization

Tania loves Jesus, missions and discipleship. These loves led her to serve full-time in Ukraine for the past 11 years. She relocated to Orlando, Florida, in June 2020 as Director of Mobilization to continue pursuing these three great loves by helping others find their passions for missions and go to the nations.

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