How you can engage the world’s least-reached peoples

Kevin McGhee

Converge director of U.S. Engagement

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While we eagerly await the second coming of Christ, more than a quarter of the world’s population has never had the opportunity to hear of his first coming. They have no church, no Bible and no chance to respond to God’s love. Seventy thousand people will enter a Christless eternity today without ever hearing Jesus’ name.

Converge International Ministries has formed a U.S. Engagement Team to help you and your church engage the world’s least-reached peoples.

Improve your church’s missions focus

The team provides help in missions best practices, Deaf ministry and global church planting partnerships at no cost to your church. Our trained coaches can help your church discern where in the world God is calling you to engage by using 2:10 FOCUS (from Ephesians 2:10), a proven tool developed by Ellen Livingood of Catalyst Services. This process allows church leaders to respond to the Holy Spirit’s unique call for their church. As your church’s untapped potential is unleashed for the kingdom, mission engagement increases.

These efforts are already bearing fruit. At any given moment, more than a dozen churches are engaged in a season of discernment, leading to vision trips to explore partnerships with our initiatives around the world.

Helping churches partner with each other

The U.S. Engagement Team also helps churches partner with each other. Each national network, called a consortium, is led by a high-capacity leader who works in close collaboration with our initiative leaders and their teams. Across the country, consortia are raising up prayer, financial resources, volunteers and career missionaries to reach unreached peoples for Christ.

Pastor Paul Johnson of Woodridge Church, Medina, Minnesota, heads the consortium for the Thai Buddhist Initiative. Pastor Darryn Scheske of Heartland Church, Indianapolis, Indiana, leads our consortium for the Hui Initiative. Danny Parmelee, vice president of Church Planting for Converge MidAmerica, is the consortium leader for the Southern Cone Initiative in Brazil.

Pastors aren’t the only leaders stepping up. Doris Conley, a retired telecommunications executive in Erie, Pennsylvania, is coordinating the prayer effort for our Japan Initiative. Olga Smith, a full-time health industry professional in New England, is serving as the logistics facilitator for the 6° Initiative in the West African nations of Togo and Benin. People from across the Converge movement are serving in various capacities, and all are making a significant impact for God’s kingdom.

You and your church can make a similar impact and connect with the world’s least-reached people groups. Contact the U.S. Engagement Team to learn how.

Kevin McGhee, Converge director of U.S. Engagement

Kevin McGhee and his team serve over 1400 churches across the U.S. as we ask God for a gospel movement among every least-reached people group in our generation.

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