Initial response to United States Capitol violence

Scott Ridout

Former Converge President

  • Culture & society

As president of Converge, I condemn the violent actions that occurred at our nation’s Capitol building. The storming of this historical house was unprecedented, unlawful, un-American and unacceptable. I reject the lawless attitudes and actions, the vandalization of property, the threat to life and the attempt to obstruct the election process. These actions brought disruption, disorder and disgrace to our country.

I commend the lawmakers from both parties for condemning the actions of these rioters, calling for unity and fulfilling their duties as our elected representatives. I express gratefulness for the Capitol and D.C. Police, Secret Service and National Guard, who helped restore order.

I call for prayer for our country, civility in our interactions and honor for the democratic process. I call the people of God to place their biblical mandates to love God and our neighbors above their political leanings and to choose to embrace our primary calling to live and share the gospel in a world that desperately needs the hope that only Christ can provide. May we be his vessels of grace, peace, unity, truth and hope.

If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. — Romans 12:18 (ESV)

Scott Ridout
President, Converge       

Scott Ridout, Former Converge President

Scott served as president of Converge from November 2014 through August 2022. Prior to that he was the director of generosity for Converge from 2007-2014, concurrently with his time pastoring at Sun Valley in Gilbert, Arizona, for 22 years. He serves on the boards of Axelerate, Bethel University and The Timothy Initiative. Scott also serves the Finish the Task initiative working with denominations worldwide. He and his wife, Lisa, have been married since 1988 and have three adult children, Jon, Ashlyn and David. He loves God, the local church and simply wants to help people meet, know and follow Jesus.

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