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6° Initiative team member, James Roberts, shares how he loves when new believers grow not only as disciples, but also develop in their leadership. One story that continues to encourage him is the story of one of our young leaders at Grace church named Raphael. 

Raphael's story is one of courage and faith. Despite being the son of a witch doctor, his encounter with Jesus through a dream after a virtual prayer walk led him to Grace Church the next day. From that moment on, he embraced Christ, got baptized, and began his journey of discipleship under Pastor Roger's guidance.

What's even more incredible is to see how Raphael's faith has flourished. He's taken on more responsibility and recently initiated the revival of the soccer ministry at Grace. With passion, he gathers the guys from his village every Wednesday and Friday for soccer and meaningful discussions about Jesus, the Bible, and the hope of the gospel. The impact of his outreach has been remarkable, with several young players now attending church regularly. Just a few months ago, we witnessed Raphael sharing the New Testament with some of these young soccer enthusiasts. His dedication and faithfulness continue to amaze us, bringing immense joy to all who work alongside him.


James Roberts, Converge global worker

Missionary serving with 6 Degree Initiative in Togo, West Africa

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