March 2023

Deborah Guzman


March 2023


Dear Prayer Friends,


Thank you for your continued support of this ministry!


Please continue to pray for Amp and Dreamy, the two high school girls who studied with me last month. When Amp hears the stories about the power of Jesus, the hair on her arms stands up! She is very impressed and awed by His power! Dreamy seems to be amazed also. A friend of theirs is joining them to study. Thanks to Clover Hill Baptist Church in Virginia, he is able to have a scholarship to study with us. He does not have the money to study so this is a great opportunity for him! His nickname is Godzilla! Please pray that he also will open his heart to God!


Our school will have a special class for children during this month, because there is a break from regular instruction at the public schools for the children. Pray that the children’s parents will learn more about God and His creation through their children!


I have nine new students this month that I am teaching in the evenings (as well as my other returning students in the afternoons.) I pray that they may see God’s love through my testimony and open their hearts to the Lord. Please join with me in praying for them: Eak, Max, Ink, Pern, Tern, Tatar, Jajar, Ball, and Peh.


Thank you so much for your prayers and support of this ministry! We are better together!



Deb Guzman       

I John 3:1-3

Deborah Guzman, Missionary

Help Deb share the gospel with unreached people of Central Thailand, disciple them and lead them to reach family and friends for Christ in a multiplying wave across Thailand.