January 2024

Deborah Guzman


January 2024

Dear Prayer Friends,

As I start this new year with joy, I think of all the blessings that the Lord has so graciously given me!

He is so good! In 2023, I always had a roof over my head, food on my table, a place to lay my head

down each evening, His Word that so encouraged me, a loving family and friends, and no lack of

people to which I could minister. What a good year!

Our student, Poon, who received the Lord this past year made the important decision to be baptized

this month. He was baptized with the Pastor’s son, CJ. It is so exciting to have not one, but 

TWO BAPTISMS this month!  Please pray that these two young men may grow spiritually in their faith daily

as they read the Word of God and study it.


We have 40 students this month studying with us! That is a record high number of students since after Covid.

We praise God for this opportunity to minister to these students. Five of them have heard a clear presentation of

the gospel in their Level 4 interviews. All of them have heard amazing stories of God’s love and power.


Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the ministry here in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Blessings in Christ,

Deb Guzman

I John 3:1-3


Deborah Guzman, Missionary

Help Deb share the gospel with unreached people of Central Thailand, disciple them and lead them to reach family and friends for Christ in a multiplying wave across Thailand.