Leadership Equipping - Amputee Ministry (La Romana)

David & Stephanie Connell


David has invested time with 29 year old Graviel in La Romana. His leg was amputated when he was run over by a train at the age of 6. He struggled with self-worth and depression growing up, but two things forever changed his life: 1) A committed life walking with Jesus, and 2) a prosthetic leg.  
With new hope and a heart for those who face the same battle as him (such as the boy above whose dad chopped off his arm with a machete), he began to serve them in various ways. In 2017, the Lord called him to start a ministry to provide a prosthetic to those who can't afford it and share the good news of Jesus. 

David is working with Graviel to not only help his new work, but to help him consider how he can impact people and places where the good news has yet to penetrate. Pray for Graviel and his wife as they are now focusing on this full-time.

David & Stephanie Connell, Missionary

Help the Connells develop and equip native transformational leaders who will create gospel movements among least-reached peoples across Latin America.