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There have been many family matters that have occurred over the last weeks. They are: 


  • April 26 my mother, age 94, began uninterrupted worship of Jesus. 

  1. May 6 grandson Matthew Jack was born. 

  1. May 7 daughter-in-law Carly graduated from nursing school. 

  1. May 17 granddaughter Mei Pailyn was born. 

  1. May 19 grandson Connor Andrew turned 3. 


On ministry matters I have been working with Spice Islands Initiative workers P & H in determining their ministry location now that they have just completed 18 months of language acquisition. Options are numerous, and the challenge of working amidst Muslim peoples are significant. Covid-19 concerns have limited the ability of researching new areas of ministry, not only because of travel restrictions but also because of negative views of foreigners that “brought Covid-19 to us!”. 

However, these challenges are not overwhelming. Rather they are opportunities to rely on the Lord and see him work amongst a lost people group. 


One great challenge we all face is to open our hearts for the lost ― both in our neighborhoods and among the peoples of this earth. 


Here is an excellent opportunity to do just that: on August 21 a Summit for the Nations (from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.) will be held at Westwood Community Church (https://bit.ly/3vcc6J1).  This summit is for ANYONE. 


During this half-day summit, you will have the opportunity to learn about: 

  •      Best practices and new strategies in missions and global outreach 

  •      Practical steps to discern your unique calling to the lost 

  •      How to activate your church to reach the nations 

  •      How to move toward strategic missional efforts with clear, targeted goals 


Also, you will hear from mission leaders from Converge engaged in regions and initiatives around the world, participate in breakout sessions and network with others that are focused with like passions and areas in the world. This will lead to effective strategies and opportunities to extend your gospel reach locally and globally. 
Will you join meRegister now. Your registration includes a continental breakfast, lunch and a great book. 

David J, Missionary

Partner with David as he helps develop a gospel movement among the least-reached people of Asia.