Leadership Summit in Lviv Ukraine

Bob & Carol Marsh


In our last newsletter, we asked you to pray for Bob as he traveled to Ukraine, and for Carol as she remained in the US to care for mom & Jojo. We are grateful for your prayers, and happy to report that all went well. The wonderful people of Texas Christian Church offered help and support to Carol, and Bob had smooth travels and a fruitful set of meetings. 

Below is a link to an article Bob submitted to Converge recapping the Converge-Baptist Union of Ukraine Leadership Summit:


Please pray as we continue to work with the Ukrainian (and Russian) church to build Gospel movements even in these very difficult days. Here are some specific prayer points for your consideration:

  1. Seven million Ukrainians have been displaced from Eastern to Western Ukraine. Most of these have no winter clothing, and while they have shelter, the prospects for heat during the coming winter are bleak. Please pray as we work to address these physical needs in the coming months before the brutal winter months set in.
  2. The church in Ukraine is suffering from a desperate shortage of pastoral leadership. Pray as we work with them to help them develop new local leadership by equipping, encouraging, mentoring, and deploying godly lay leadership in churches that do not have pastors.
  3. Pray for Ukrainian believers who have been "scattered" (Acts 8:4) around Europe. Pray that as they seek to gather together and form churches in their new cities, they will also reach out to unbelievers of that city. The truth is that millions of people from the most evangelical nation in Europe have been relocated to some of the most atheistic nations on the planet. Pray for us as we network displaced Ukrainians with existing churches across the region. Let's pray that God will use them to spread His kingdom in the hearts of people!

Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support that allows us to serve as ministry catalysts to the worlds least-reached region!

Bob & Carol Marsh, Missionary

Working alongside national movement leaders to help catalyze gospel movements among the least reached.