Gospel movements in the Middle East



Converge International Ministries’ vision states, “We are asking God for a gospel movement among every least-reached people group in our generation.” The implication of this statement is that we will be asking, praying, begging and pleading with God to accomplish this mission.

Many of the least-reached people groups are among Muslim peoples. Through media Mike and Samya are connecting with an estimated 365 unreached Muslim people groups. Technology is a tool that we are using for the glory of God. Internet and satellite TV are great ways to reach into the Muslim world.

Here is an amazing example of what God has done in 2019 through Mike and Samya's ministry. In a village in the Middle East lives a former Muslim imam who is a lawyer. His courage speaks volumes in a place where missionaries are killed, and church gatherings are banned. In his conversations with our team through WhatsApp, we were able to get a glimpse of his life and those he is impacting. As you read his story, imagine yourself living in the Middle East, oppressed by Islam for 14 centuries.

“I was an Islamic scholar, thinker and researcher. I was the imam and preacher of the mosque in our village. My position helped me discover many scandals about the teachings of Islam. In our area we have no access to any Christian resources, and we have never met a Christian. After searching for a long time, God directed me to watch Christian TV programs through satellite. Within a few weeks of watching and connecting with the satellite TV team, who answered all my questions, I invited Jesus to be my Lord in January 2019. My life has changed completely! I left the mosque responsibilities, and now I want to serve my Lord Jesus and spread his teachings everywhere around the world.

“I have searched for the true God for so long, and now I know him! In the Middle East, we do not have Christians to teach us, and not many have internet. So, when you teach me about Jesus you are teaching all my group. There are 55 men, in addition to their women and children, in my area who now know Christ. As a former mosque preacher and scholar, I have a respected position in my area. I am still the leader, but my role now has changed. I want to learn how to lead prayers and how to baptize believers. I also want to learn how to perform a Christian wedding. I learned from your TV programs that marriage is not a contract but a covenant. We have two new convert couples who want to get married. Please teach me how I can marry them in a way that honors Jesus.

“What you teach me and what you send me I transfer all to our entire community. I’m making copies for every one of the books of the New Testament you sent through social media, as well as the discipleship lessons. When we meet, we study together.”

Praise God! Fifty-five men, which means probably over 100 people in a single village in the Middle East have come to Christ since January of this year.

I want to encourage you to become involved through prayer for the Muslim world. You can join millions across the world by ordering these prayer books or downloading one. The 30 days of prayer for the Muslim world is your way to engage as a church or a network. Gather a team and make praying for those far from Jesus a priority. This 30 days of prayer begins May 6 so don’t put off ordering the prayer guides.

Mike and Samya are part of the Great Sea Initiative

182418, Missionary

Partner with me as we ask God for a gospel movement among the over 300 million Muslims living in the 21 nations around the Mediterranean Sea.