Family Ministry Pastor

Redmond, Washington //

About Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

Cornerstone Christian Fellowship is excited to announce their search for a qualified candidate for the position of full-time Family Ministry Pastor. Located in Redmond, WA. Cornerstone is a spiritually growing church of 350+ members who are predominately, though not exclusively, English speaking Asians. Cornerstone’s mission is to join God in reaching and transforming people into passionate followers of Christ.

Job description


The Family Ministry Pastor is responsible for the care and spiritual growth of the children of Cornerstone. The Family Ministry Pastor oversees the Children’s Ministry which includes R.O.C.K. (Rejoicing-Over-Christ’s-Kids: Sunday school for children newborn - 5th grade) and all other events or ministries where children are involved. The Family Ministry Pastor recruits, trains, and supervises all volunteers who serve the Cornerstone children; initiates and works collaboratively with the other Cornerstone pastors to equip parents in their role as the primary disciplers of their children and youth; and as a pastor, this person also works in conjunction with Cornerstone’s Elders and Staff to create a vibrant, holistic ministry strategy that will move the church forward in making passionate followers of Christ. 


  • A strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ as evidenced by spiritual, relational, and emotional maturity and stability.

  • Proven competence and skill in children’s ministry, including recruiting, training and developing teachers, organizing and spiritually developing volunteer and leadership teams, and, the ability to strategically and creatively chart a course with the Holy Spirit that moves the children forward in a deeper knowing and loving of God. 

  • A biblical theology that believes in the continuing work of the Holy Spirit (including His gifts) and a practical theology that lives and ministers in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. 

  • A self-motivated, humble, independent worker with the leadership skills necessary to engage and lead teams, work collaboratively with others, and who possesses strong communication and conflict management skills.

  • An internal conviction and alignment with the mission, vision, and values that God has given Cornerstone and the ability to lead, encourage, and direct the team of volunteers towards these shared pursuits.

  • A desire to minister in a multi-ethnic church community.

  • A bachelors and/or master’s degree from an accredited Bible college, university, seminary, or equivalent, with specific training in children’s pastoral ministry.

  • Demonstrated skill and understanding (or the willingness to learn) in the use of various technologies: Planning Center, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, Google Suite, Adobe Photoshop, etc.


Leadership Over Children’s Ministry

  • Have comprehensive knowledge, agreement, and adherence to the vision, mission, and values of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship for implementation in the Children's Ministry.

  • Provide pastoral care, guidance, leadership, and support for all Children’s Ministry volunteers, children, parents, and families at Cornerstone in their ongoing faith and spiritual development.

  • Recruit, organize, train, and lead Children’s Ministry core team, teachers, helpers, and coordinators.

  • Oversee age-appropriate Sunday School classes and various gatherings (i.e. VBS, events, Holiday programs, etc.)

  • Develop or review curriculum for all ROCK classes.

  • Provide resources and training to Community Group leaders to help them involve children in participating in the CG’s.

  • Oversee all new Children’s Ministry volunteer interviews, background checks, and training.

  • Develop an active evangelistic outreach ministry strategy to preschoolers, elementary children and their families.

  • Ensure Children’s Ministry programming is executed in each gathering in accordance with established curriculum, classroom procedures, and child safety policies.

  • Keep current in children and family ministry trends that are spiritually enriching and dynamic.

  • Direct and oversee communication to parents and families about upcoming Children’s Ministry events.

  • Organize childcare for All-Church Cornerstone events, where appropriate.

  • Develop a strategic plan for and take initiative to implement equipping, supporting, and training parents in strengthening their marriage and discipling their children/youth, in collaboration with the other pastors.

  • Provide supplementary resources (books, videos, conferences, etc.) to parents in strengthening their marriage and discipling their children.

General Leadership

  • Manage finances allocated for Children’s Ministries with wisdom and discretion, consistently demonstrating prudence and integrity.

  • Work collaboratively as a pastor and key leader with other Cornerstone ministries to help all generations in our congregation to internalize and actualize the mission, vision, and values God has given us.

  • Attend all Staff Meetings, All-Church Events.

  • Handle confidential matters with responsibility, discretion, integrity, and maturity.

  • Develop and maintain a positive, healthy “team spirit” and relationship with staff, recognizing and valuing each person and each role.

  • Live an exemplary personal life of spiritual devotion and leadership that is in harmony with clear Biblical standards.

  • Cultivate and maintain a pastoral relationship with Cornerstone families, especially those families with children in the Children’s Ministry, so that the Family Ministry pastor is a source of wisdom and guidance  in the area of children’s relationships with God and parents’ relationship with their child.

  • Participate actively in the life of Cornerstone. If the Family Ministry pastor is married and to set a good example, their spouse is also expected to be an active participant in the life of the church (regularly attending Sunday worship services, connecting in community (e.g. joining a Community Group, etc.), serving in a ministry, attending all-church events when possible, etc.)  


  • The Family Ministry Pastor will report directly to the Lead Pastor and is ultimately accountable to the Elder Team.


Please apply via our online job posting on Church Staffing, thank you!