Executive Pastor

Spokane, Washington // www.cpcspokane.org

About Connection


Connection Point Church is a gospel-centered church in the suburbs of Spokane, Washington. Our mission is connecting people to Jesus through truth, community, service, and spiritual practices. Planted in 2017, CPC has grown from 50 people meeting monthly to 240 meeting weekly in a prominent location along a major highway. The initial work to establish foundational doctrines, values, and DNA is complete, and we are now in need of a (preferably) full time Executive Pastor (XP) who will mentor staff and leaders so that ministry is performed with ever-increasing joy, alignment, unity, and effectiveness.


Connection Point Church is an elder-led church. Elders steward the mission, doctrine, values, and cultural DNA of the church. The elder team empowers staff and ministry leaders to carry out the vision, enabling them to make decisions and take initiative in their various spheres in order to contribute to the mission.

Job description


As an elder, the XP is called to be a shepherd with a heart for ministry who aligns with CPC theology and culture. The XP will supervise and support the staff and ministry teams as they oversee church ministries and functions. He will guide staff in goal setting and leadership development, and work with the Elders to implement structure (systems, budgets, HR practices, bylaws, policies, etc).


  • A strong spiritual background that meets the elder requirements outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • Full alignment with CPC theology, values, and DNA (see www.cpcspokane.org for more details)
  • A well-established track record of multiplying ministry, developing people, and empowering leaders
  • Biblically knowledgeable and articulate (ability to preach is a plus but not a requirement)
  • Competency with budgets, systems, HR practices, governance and bylaws
  • Experience as a corporate leader (preferably with a degree in business, technology, or related field)  
  • Commitment to humility, unity, and “leading without lording”


The salary for this position is dependent on education and experience. It includes a SIMPLE IRA with a 3% match, and up to 5 weeks of paid vacation depending on length of time in ministry.



Interested applicants should apply by visiting www.cpcspokane.org/xp and submitting a complete application packet by February 29, 2024. (Later applications may be considered but will be at a disadvantage.)