Associate Pastor for Discipleship

Sioux Falls, South Dakota //

About Faith Baptist Fellowship

Faith Baptist Fellowship (Faith) is a multi-generational Baptist church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, affiliated with Converge Heartland. While first established in 1979, Faith currently consists of 250 members, with approximately 400 people attending Sunday worship services. As a church, we strive to be a vibrant, healthy family of Christ-like believers, proclaiming a cross-centered gospel and living cross-centered lives. Our mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ and equip them for growth and service is guided by our 5 Loves of loving God, loving God’s word and prayer, loving one another, loving our neighbors, and loving the gospel. At Faith, we are committed to gathered worship, personal worship, small group involvement, serving, giving, and sharing the gospel with a strong focus on missions. Our corporate worship style is blended, congregationally involved, and biblically focused on expository preaching of Scripture with application to daily life. As a body, we are led by a team of vocational and non-vocational elders who pastor and shepherd our church while holding us true to our mission.

Job description

About this Position:

Faith Baptist Fellowship is seeking to hire an Associate Pastor for Discipleship to serve alongside the Senior Pastor and the Associate Pastor for Worship. The Associate Pastor for Discipleship is a full-time position, reporting to the Senior Pastor and to the Elder Council of Faith Baptist Fellowship.


His primary responsibilities will include further developing, growing, and implementing a comprehensive strategy of discipleship in the church, and providing structured educational opportunities for all ages and all stages of life. The Associate Pastor for Discipleship will help advance, develop, and oversee our various discipleship ministry teams for these areas and provide them with pastoral support by identifying, discipling, and equipping lay leaders as needed.


Ministry Responsibilities:


  1. Develop a comprehensive and cohesive discipleship strategy for all ages of the church, maintaining focus on the church’s vision, mission, 5 Loves, and 5 Commitments.
  2. Advance, further develop, and implement Sunday-morning educational opportunities (Faith University), and recruit lay leaders and teachers as needed.
  3. Give pastoral guidance and support to our large and growing small group ministry (a.k.a., Faith Groups), working with volunteer leaders to build meaningful community as well as to identify and equip new small group leaders to foster multiplication.
  4. Advance, further develop, and oversee mid-week educational opportunities for all age groups.
  5. Oversee and assist the Family Ministry Director and work together to integrate Family Ministries into the discipleship vision of the church.
  6. Advance, further develop, and implement our college and young adult discipleship ministry.
  7. Give oversight and direction for men’s and women’s Bible study opportunities, providing helpful resources and direction to volunteer leaders as needed.
  8. Evaluate existing overall discipleship strategies with the other pastors and elders, looking for ways to improve effectiveness and cohesiveness.
  9. Perform additional pastoral responsibilities, including occasional preaching, weddings, funerals, care, and counseling as needed, and other duties that may be assigned by the Elder Council.
  10. Participate in staff meetings and Elder Council meetings, and joyfully work with other staff and leadership for the health and benefit of the body of Christ.


General Qualifications:


      A strong testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ, including a growing and tenderhearted walk with God.

      Strong commitment to the Bible as the sole authoritative guide for faith and life.

      Willing to become a member of Faith Baptist Fellowship, in agreement with our Covenant and Statement of Faith.

      Meets biblical qualifications for pastoral leadership as defined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.

      Gifted in teaching, administration, organization, and general use of technology/communication tools.

      Exhibits a warmth and passion for people, strong leadership/communication skills, and a love/aptitude for teaching truth from God’s Word.

      A willingness to serve God, the body, leadership, and staff of Faith Baptist with an eye toward its growth in grace, unity, and kingdom impact, all for the glory of God.


Education and experience are flexible, with the following preferences:


      M.Div. or M.A. in Bible, theology, or ministry.

      A college degree with some biblical/theological/ministry emphasis.

      A minimum of five years of experience in local church leadership.

      A demonstrated interest and effectiveness in the careful handling of God’s word and the gospel.


For more information on Faith Baptist Fellowship and the Associate Pastor for Discipleship position, please visit you would like to apply, please send your cover letter and resume to