MPD Prep

Preparing for your MPD Launch Orientation



Laying the groundwork for a successful MPD Launch Orientation

Prior to attending Launch in Orlando, Converge Missionary appointees need to complete 4 ½ hours of online training (with Stewardship Ambassadors), writing and software download preparation assignments etc. (see next Launch dates).

Our MPD Prep assignments are specifically designed to help prepare you for a successful MPD Launch.

Begin your 8-page “Case Statement” Worksheet and download MPD Software
Print These Three Documents: 
(i) “Developing Your Missionary Case Statement” (PDF version; or Live MS Word version), an 8-page worksheet; 
(ii) “5-yr ministry plan” (examples only ... you will use your completed 8-page worksheet to produce your own personalized 5-Year Ministry Plan); and
(iii) 1-page Case Statement Examples (example only ... yours will also be produced from your completed 8-page worksheet).

Using a pencil (or computer), work your way through as much of the Case Statement worksheet as you can, before arriving at Launch in Orlando. It is acceptable to work on this 8-page worksheet during your flight into Orlando.

This remains your personal reference document:
Although we will use your 8-page worksheet during our Launch discussions, you do not need to hand it in. It provides the wording you need as you develop your prayer letters and various P-Tools. It also helps provide the wording you need when you speak privately or publically raising your financial support.

Bring to Orlando:
Bring your 8-page worksheet (as complete as possible) to Launch.

Download software onto your laptop you’ll bring to Orlando:
Install either TntConnect (TntMPD) (free) or DonorElf ($15/mo) on the laptop you’ll be bringing to Launch. You will use this software on a daily basis to help manage all your contacts (financial partners, prayer partners and others), to help manage your daily MPD tasks, and to track financial gifts given to your Converge support account. Specific training for TntConnect will be given during Launch.

Converge has proven to be a faithful partner for us in the cause of Christ among the peoples of the world. This partnership has not only changed the world, but changed us.

Gregg Heinsch, Celebration Community Church, Celebration, Florida