[IM]PACT Global Missions Residency


While Christians anticipate the second coming of Jesus, many people around the world have still not heard of his first coming. You can become a part of the Great Commission by helping some of the world’s least-reached people meet, know and follow Jesus through a Converge [IM]PACT Global Missions Residency.

The [IM]PACT Global Missions Residency is an opportunity to serve two years in a Converge International Ministries initiative. During your time on the field, you will gain hands-on, cross-cultural ministry experience and engage in theological education.



Do ministry

Your residency training will prepare you for the rigors of being a missionary and becoming a leader who helps raise more leaders to reach the unreached with the gospel. As part of your residency, you will:

  • Do meaningful work
  • Direct ministry projects
  • Build healthy leadership habits
  • Be mentored by an on-site coach who will serve as your emotional and spiritual supporter
  • Develop as a leader

Learn ministry

In addition to doing ministry, you will spend 6-8 hours per week focusing on the academic component of your residency through the Kairos University. By the end of your residency, you will have:

  • Earned a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies tied to what you are doing in ministry
  • Gained two years of cross-cultural ministry experience
  • Become bilingual 
  • Prepared to transition into full-time, long-term service
  • Have an unforgettable international life experience






The Master of Arts is 48 credit hours and consists of the following outcome-level courses:

Year One

Starting Well (3)
Areas of focus: journey preparation, mentor team development

Christian Spirituality (6)
Areas of focus: spiritual formation, life in Christ, fruit of the spirit

Biblical Literacy (6)
Areas of focus: Old and New Testaments, Bible interpretation

Christian Theology (6)
Areas of focus: God, Christ, humanity, creation, Spirit, church, global theology

Culture and History (6)
Areas of focus: early church history, the reformation, modern church history, historical theology

Year Two

Contextual Project (6)
Areas of focus: ethnohermeneutics, project research, project/thesis, doing theology in context, cross-cultural immersion

Reflection in Community I (6)
Areas of focus: high-level integration, diversity of perspectives, empathetic listening

Mentored Life (6)
Areas of focus: Christian discipleship, walking with fellow Christians, vocational resilience

Continuing Well (3)
Areas of focus: program reflection, building a community of support, and lifelong learning preparation





Steps to become a resident

Application & interview

Fill out the application to get started. Then we’ll contact you for an interview to prepare for next steps.

Attend Missionary Discovery & Assessment

Converge’s Missionary Discovery & Assessment will help you discern your calling and spiritual, psychological and cultural fit for ministry success.

Receive a “Go”

During Missionary Discovery & Assessment, earn approval to be considered for an [IM]PACT Global Missions Residency.

Choose your ministry location

Several Converge International Ministries initiatives welcome residents on their team. Decide which people group you want to serve. Meet with and be accepted by the initiative.


Apply to Kairos University

Submit your application to Kairos University, through which you’ll pursue a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies during your residency.

Ministry Partner Development

Raising a team of financial and prayer partners is necessary before deploying to the mission field. We’ll help you by providing training, fundraising tools and guidance. Reach 100% of your budget.

Pre-departure paperwork

Once you have turned in your paperwork, you’ll be ready to take on the challenge and adventure of serving on the mission field.

Experience global ministry

Join the team at the ministry location and begin your cross-cultural educational experience.