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When you think of the United Kingdom, you likely think of the recent royal wedding, afternoon tea, Dr. Who or the Beatles. But tragically, millions across the U.K. have no access to a church proclaiming the hope of the gospel in their community. There is a dire shortfall of trained and equipped spiritual leaders. If you imagine the U.K. as a room of 100 people, only three would be followers of Jesus who are meaningfully connected to a local church; in some areas only one out of 100.   What if hundreds and ultimately thousands of trained and equipped leaders could be released throughout the U.K.? Our vision is for every person in the U.K. to experience hope through Christ in response to a powerful gospel witness in their community. Building on our experience in church planting and pastoral leadership in the United States, our family will relocate to the United Kingdom asking God for a fresh gospel movement resulting in lives transformed by Jesus and local churches planted and revitalized by the next generation of spiritual leaders. Kingdom impact here can extend far beyond this island nation's borders. The United Kingdom has become a strategic crossroads for the gospel as the nations of the world continue to arrive on its shores. Our call is to join British-led efforts to plant and revitalize churches across the U.K., coming alongside and contributing to these efforts. We will be serving through the Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training (AT3), whose mission is to train and launch leaders into ministry to plant and revitalize churches in a secular, post-Christian culture. Our focus will be on cultivating the next generation of spiritual leaders through an immersive two-year apprenticeship program that combines advanced theological training with hands-on ministry experience in local churches.  
United Kingdom // Our greatest privilege is joining Jesus in what he is building: his church. When we reach across the street and around the world with the gospel—locally and globally—we impact lives for eternity.

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