Eri Kobayashi

Torrance, California
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Join Eri in reaching Japanese children and their mothers who are living in the U.S. temporarily or applying for permanent residency. Their hearts are wide open in the new land!

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Born in a family clan with so many teachers from my great-grandfather to my father, uncles and aunts, I always wanted to become a teacher too. However, when teaching school subjects didn't feel quite satisfying, I thought I was called to tell of Jesus' saving grace to children. Coming to realize that I had immigrated and settled in Torrance, California, where there is the highest concentration of Japan-born Japanese living in the continental USA, I claimed it as confirmation. Having lost my one and only sibling as a teen to a motorcycle accident in Japan, I want as many Japanese children as I will be trusted with to know that Jesus loves them dearly and he is only a prayer away. I have been teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language to Japanese-speaking children and their mothers at a Converge church in Torrance for the last 26 years. At the end of each class, we share what is going on in our lives and pray together. God's messages are shared in children's and mothers' seasonal/semi-monthly gatherings and in a weeklong summer Bible day camp for children. Some of my former students confessed their faith in Jesus and a few have their own ministries in Yokohama, Osaka and Honolulu. A few mothers were also baptized and are ministering to their families and/or serving in her children's school PTA back in Japan. I visit them in Japan once or twice a year for follow-up and fellowship.
Torrance, California // Japanese Diaspora Ministry in Torrance, California

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