Dennis Nordine

Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines
Status: On field
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Dennis and Melody Nordine serve as INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR for Bethlehem Star of Peace. They visit and coach BSOP's 15 Filipino Missionaries and lead short-term trips to Southeast Asia.

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Dennis and Melody Nordine were part of the original planning and organizing of Bethlehem Star of Peace (BSOP). BSOP started after several of the Nordine's students from Bible College in the Philippines served in missionary internships among unreached peoples in Southeast Asia and saw the need to send long-term workers to start and strengthen churches. Over the past two decades BSOP fieldworkers have served effectively among unreached people groups in Cambodia, Lao, Thailand, Vietnam, and M_slim Tribal peoples in the Southern Philippines.

Today Dennis & Melody are retired from full-time service with Converge in the Philippines (after 33 years there). They volunteer as coaches to the current 15 BSOP fieldworkers. 
they communicate regularly online and meet face to face during an annual visit to their countries of service in SE Asia. Dennis & Melody also lead strategic short-term ministry trips to SE Asia so USA-based Converge members can partner with the BSOP fieldworkers.

They also serve as liaison between Converge and Bethlehem Star of Peace Filipino fieldworkers who have supporters in the USA and send donations for their mission work thru Converge.
Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines // 15th anniversary Thaibodia Summit of BSOP fieldworkers in Bangkok, Thailand. Dennis & Melody are with these amazing Filipino missionaries.

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