David Nelms

The Timothy Initiative (TTI)
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TTI exists to advance Christ's Kingdom by multiplying disciples and disciple-making churches around the world.

Monthly funding progress: 25%
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A longtime pastor, David Nelms has had remarkable success in 35 nations training church planters to plant churches—primarily in Asia and Africa. Through The Timothy Initiative, he trains world-class church planting candidates in multiplication and mentoring through a Bible based, one year church planting curriculum. To graduate, students must plant at least one church during that year. The result: thousands of churches started in the past six years.

Pray For:

  • Open doors and resources to train thousands of church planters
  • Biblically balanced, multiplying churches started where there is no church
  • Hearts broken until every person on the planet hears the gospel
The Timothy Initiative (TTI) // TTI believes in adapting to the context and culture of the people we are seeking to reach. TTI is committed to national-centric leadership and adapting appropriate strategies in the places where we work.

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