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Yana Osipenko

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Partner with Yana as she helps to facilitate church planting movements and makes disciples in Poland.

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Hello, My name is Yana Osipenko. My early childhood was spent growing up in Eastern Europe. I was born in Lviv, Ukraine. Grew up in Chernihiv, Ukraine. When I was 8 years old my family moved to the United States and at that time I never thought I would one day return. At the age of sixteen I trusted Christ for the forgiveness of my sins. 
From that point on all I wanted to do was tell everyone around me about Jesus and the hope of what is to come. As a child of God I developed a compassion for people and a passion for ministry. After graduating from high school, I served as a youth group leader and spent my free time investing my life into the lives of other young girls and teenagers. Having the desire to study Gods Word and to get a better understanding of the mission field, I moved to Europe to attend a Bible Institute. I grew so much while I was there and during my last year of studies I decided to stay overseas and work for a para-church organization. After nine years of para-church ministry my heart began to shift towards working in the local church, for the diaspora, and for the country of Poland. 

Four years ago I returned to the States to discover what God had next for me. As I was waiting for doors to open in Poland I was working full-time and also completing a higher degree at Cairn University. Three years ago the President of Converge MidAtlantic called me about the 15:5 West Initiative in Poland. At that time I was still finishing up my education but actively seeking to get to know Converge better. After Graduating the pandemic hit and my father and grandmother both went to heaven only weeks apart. During such a difficult season I struggled to know what to do regarding Poland and leaving my family. The Lord used my mom in a mighty way to speak truth into my life and to encourage me to not give up. As a result, I attended a Missionary Assessment in March and in May 2021 I said "yes" to the call of God to return to Poland and to help Converge with their Slavic Gospel Initiative among the unreached. 

15:5 West Initiative (Poland)

We are asking God for a gospel movement among the 15 largest cities in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia that will also plant gospel communities in at least five unreached villages around each of these cities. 

Poland // A nation with a proud cultural heritage, Poland can trace its roots back over 1,000 years. Positioned at the center of Europe, bordered by seven countries, it has known turbulent and violent times. There have been periods of independence as well as periods of domination by other countries. In 1989 Poland became the first of the eastern European countries to overthrow Communist rule. Poland is slightly smaller then New Mexico but is home to over 38 million people.

Many of us anticipate the second coming of Jesus, but many still haven't heard of His first coming.

With only a 0.2% evangelical population, Poland has one of the biggest needs for pioneer missionaries. God is leaving this open door available to me- and by extension to YOU. Currently, I am support raising with the hopes of moving to Poland once I reach 100% in my support. Would you prayerfully consider joining me in this partnership in making an eternal impact in Poland? I would love to hear from youPlease contact me.

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