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Help Steve and Barbara as they equip Asians to reach other Asians, inside the Philippines and in other countries in Southeast Asia.

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Steve teaches Bible and Theology subjects in Cebu Graduate School of Theology, the seminary of Baptist Theological College in Cebu, Philippines. He is also the director of the doctoral program that is aimed at preparing the next generation of teachers for colleges and seminaries. Cebu is the second-largest city in the country. CGST is the only accredited evangelical seminary outside of Manila. Barbara spends most of her time home-schooling the boys. She has also served as an English teacher, a CE director and a small group leader. She has been involved in ministry to the deaf and to lepers. Paul is a second-year student at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. He is studying to become a physical therapist. Timothy is 15 years old and is home-schooled. He has a passion for soccer.
Philippines // Cebu City is located in Central Philippines. It is a center for education, health care, transportation, manufacturing and provincial government.

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