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Help Mao and Phoenix reach a Chinese-Muslim people group in East Asia that has fewer than 400 Christ-followers, as they lead an initiative envisioning a million from this group following Christ.

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I (Mao) experienced God's call to missions in East Asia while studying in the U.S. Since then, God has allowed my wife (Phoenix) and I to serve in missions in Hong Kong and East Asia, where we have seen fruit with the Lord's enabling and blessing. Through a course we attended years ago, God began to speak to us about the tremendous spiritual needs of an unreached Muslim people group, instead of focusing on the majority people in this country. This people group numbers more than 14 million in the country we serve in – it is in fact the largest Chinese-Muslim group amongst all the other Muslim groups. We are working toward seeing more local workers mobilized, trained and mentored to work with this people group, and hope to create sustainable, multiplying movements, even as we partner with the persecuted underground church network.
Secure location // Our greatest privilege is joining Jesus in what he is building: his church. When we reach across the street and around the world with the gospel—locally and globally—we impact lives for eternity.

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