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Togo, West Africa
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Help the Roberts proclaim the gospel of Jesus in Togo, West Africa as they build a ministry camp and plant churches.

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James & Jenna met while completing a year-round internship for a youth camp ministry in the mountains of North Carolina. They both had a heart for missions long before they met. Early in their relationship, the Lord has continued to grow a great desire for them to take the Gospel to those who have never heard. When the Lord provided the opportunity for James & Jenna to go to Togo, West Africa they knew and had such a peace that this is where the Lord was calling them to go. Their son, Micah, made them a family of three in the summer of 2021. 

The Opportunity
The spiritual climate in Togo is dark. Togo is the birthplace of voodoo. It has been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. The majority of the population in Togo actively practices voodoo and witchcraft. The Togolese are not mistaken on who they are worshipping. They are aware that they are worshipping Satan, and that their limited power comes from him. The Togolese live in a constant state of fear of the demons they and their families serve.

The Need
The vast majority of the Togolese have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel in their entire lives. They do not know who Jesus is or the power he has of Satan and his demons. It is vital that we engage with and train up this next generation of leaders to follow the one true God.

The Vision
Currently, in Togo, 70% of the population is under the age of 30. Our team has been effectively using mobile camps to aid in church planting for over a decade. Currently, 25 acres of lake-front property has been purchased, and we are in the process of begining construction. A permanent facility will allow us to multiply our efforts. In the meantime, we will continue to run mobile camps, help with church planting, while also working to build the permanent facility of Togo Palms. Togo Palms has the opportunity to start a Gospel movement that could impact the country of Togo forever.


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Togo, West Africa // Our greatest privilege is joining Jesus in what he is building: his church. When we reach across the the street and around the world with the gospel we impact lives for eternity.

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