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Partner with the Jacksons as they train indigenous leaders in Thailand.

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Cory and Brooke Jackson experienced the love of Jesus through their families and church families from a very young age. This played a major role in softening their hearts toward the truth of the Gospel and they believe the Holy Spirit worked through their relationships with others to lead each of them to a personal relationship with Jesus. This is why they are actively pursuing a ministry focusing on training and discipleship in the country of Thailand. Thailand has over 69 million inhabitants, and an influx of over 6 million tourists annually. It is also a country where being Buddhist is part of one's cultural identity. Over 98% of Thai's identify as Buddhist and in a country that is smaller than the US state of Texas, there are over 35,000 Buddhist temples. Cory and Brooke are excited to work alongside their team to train and disciple Thai believers. The prayerful goal is to see a gospel movement happen in Thailand that would impact not only the Thai people, but the surrounding unreached people groups as well.
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