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70,000 people will die in the next 24 hours having lived their whole lives without ever once hearing the name of Jesus. These people live in what are termed least-reached people groups. Meanwhile, the church in North America has made reaching them a low priority - with global missions often being left to only a few church members. American Christians spend more money on Halloween costumes for their pets than they do to reach the unreached peoples of the world. But things have begun to change!

Converge International Ministries is asking God for a gospel movement among every least-reached people group in our generation! And, we have launched the U.S. Engagement Team to serve churches as the Holy Spirit gives them fresh vision to do the important work God has prepared in advance for them to do among the nations. Barb Ehlers is uniquely qualified to join the team. She has been passionate about serving in ministry and connecting people for over 25 years. From stay-at-home mom with her neighborhood as her mission field to serving the junior high ministry at Willowcreek Community Church as a coach and small group leader for 25 years, she loves pointing others to Christ and connecting them into a community.

As the Relationship Specialist for Converge Cornerstone Fund for the last seven and a half years, Barb has met hundreds of pastors and come to deeply understand the unique challenges they face. Over the past two years, she has felt God moving in her heart and calling her to serve Him in a new direction. She is so excited to join the US Engagement Team. She will help to build strategic connections between Converge churches and our International Ministry Initiatives. By helping more churches engage in global missions, together, we will fully staff and fully fund 20 worldwide regional initiatives with more than 400 missionaries by 2026.

Barb has been married to her husband, Pat, since 1994, and they have three adult boys, David, Jordan, and Jonathan, who have all served in junior high ministry as well! In addition to the three boys, their son David and his wife Frankie have blessed them with two amazing granddaughters.

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