Andy & Irida Morisseau

Struga, Macedonia
Status: Raising support
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Help the Morisseau family reach the Albanian Muslims of Macedonia with the gospel.

Monthly funding progress: 97%
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Andy and Irida Morisseau are going to Struga, Macedonia. They will be ministering to the Albanian Muslim minority of Macedonia, a population that numbers more than 500,000 people. Their goals are to establish the first Albanian-speaking evangelical church in Macedonia, train future church leaders to multiply the ministry and serve the community with mercy ministries aimed at the medical and educational needs of the population. There are no known Albanian-speaking churches in Macedonia, and this population has largely been overlooked by missionaries, relief agencies and the Macedonian government. Please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly support partner with the Morisseau family.
Struga, Macedonia // Joining Jesus in what he is building: his church. When we reach across the street and around the world with the gospel—locally and globally—we impact lives for eternity.

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