Megan Smit

England, United Kingdom
Status: Raising support
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Help Megan spread the gospel in a post-Christian culture within the UK

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Hi there!

I am very excited about the opportunity to use my gifts and serve with AT3 in the UK Summer 2024. God first placed overseas ministry on my heart at the age of 14. After participating in several ministry trips internationally in high school, I followed God's leading to pursue an education in international ministry from Moody Bible Institute and currently at Bethany Global University.

I will be placed in a church in the UK to learn and do ministry alongside others in a local body. I eagerly await to see how God will work through this internship and the growth that He will lead me through. I am also excited to use what I have learned in my courses and continue to learn more about the church in a post-Christian context.

Please pray for me as I begin and prepare for this journey. I need to raise $5,750 by April 1st. This cost includes everything I need while I am in the UK (food, airfare, etc.). If you would like to help support me financially, either reach out to me or click the link found on this page.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Megan Smit

England, United Kingdom //  

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